10/3 FuckUp Nights Tokyo Vol. 15 - It's failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.

Wed, 03 Oct 2018 19:00 - 22:00

Impact HUB Tokyo

2-11-3 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


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FuckUp Nights Tokyo is back for Volume 15 on Wednesday October 3rd! Our previous volume in April was a blast so we are already excited to be inspired by the next FuckUp stories about failure and the lessons learned from them. Make sure to get your prepaid ticket for the event and save a 1000 yen! See you all at the next event!

Speakers Wanted! 登壇者募集中!
We are looking for speakers who would like to share their stories with our audience! Do you have a project that went down south, a business deal that fell through, or any other type of story you can share with us, please join us on stage! Speaker applications can be send through the following form: Tell us your FuckUp Story!

About FuckUp Nights

FuckUp Nights is a global movement that started in Mexico in 2012 and has spread to 250+ cities in more than 80+ countries around the world. The concept of FuckUp Nights is simple: breaking away from the stigmas surrounding (business) ‘failure’. The lessons we can learn from failure are often more valuable and interesting than stories about success. The majority of startups and professionals don’t create ‘the project of year’ on their first attempt, yet we rarely hear about their failures in books, magazines or at events. FuckUp Nights wants to change that by organizing events where people are able to come together, network, share, learn and celebrate stories about business failure. Want to know more details? Check out our online facebook community!

Why join FuckUp Nights Tokyo?

We would like to invite all (aspiring) entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals who want to hear, share, discuss and celebrate stories about business failure. We offer you an opportunity to freely discuss the concept of failure, and learn from the experiences of others; all in a cozy and casual setting. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet new like-minded people and have a chance to share issues that you do usually not tend to discuss at other events.

The Fuck Up Nights Event Format

The format of every FuckUp Nights is simple: 3 or 4 people take the stage to share their FuckUp stories, followed by a Q&A, and ending with time to network. The presenters tell their story with their slides in 7 minutes. The stories are always structured in the following way:

1) What was your project?
2) What went wrong?
3) What did you learn?
4) What would you do differently?

Speaker Profiles (TBD)
Speaker No.1 : Junpei Nagao
CEO of LockUP Co., Ltd. and Chofu Kikakugumi

スクリーンショット 2018-09-11 17.54.09.png

Short Bio:
Junpei Nagao joined LockUP Co., Ltd. in 2003. Since 2013, he has been actively involved in regional revitalization, and has set up a local branding company, "Chofu Kikakugumi” in October 2015. In 2017, his team launched a community space called “Sara+ (Sarasara)” focused on regional activation and facilitating communication. Planning and producing various types of media including websites, events and printed items are the core of his business.

Story Teaser:
“My life performing in a band taught me how to communicate with others.”
Managing company and being the frontman in a band are indeed very similar... Junpei’s story is a tale from his time playing in a band in his 20’s. A tale of wildness, and how one learned from damage he dealt in the past.

Speaker No.2 : Yuya Furukawa
Senior Associate of Cognizant Japan K.K.


Short Bio:
Living in Yokohama. Born in 1984, Saitama pref. Graduated from Reitaku University in Chiba. From 2013, he had been lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 3 and half years and running IT service and digital marketing agency as founder and managing director. After company closure, back to Japan and now joined Cognizant Technology Solutions (NASDAQ: CTSH) ranked “America's Fastest-Growing Tech Companies” by Forbes, Japan branch as digital transformation project, project manager.

Story Teaser:
Why did it turn out like this? —- capital shortage, debt, company closure, returning from Thailand to Japan, unemployment, seeking job with nurturing 2 kids ... As lessons learnt from this experience, he will share the story including root cause analysis and preventive solution studied for 1 year after returning to Japan.

Speaker No.3 : Jose Alejandro Patino
General Manager of Analema International, Serial entrepreneur


Short bio:
From Venezuela, An economist.
Came to Japan in 2005 October, to Hiroshima. Went back to Venezuela in 2009 and came back to Asia in 2010.
Started Analema International LTD in 2011.
New Venture into Blockchain for Food Industry.

Story teaser:
The story of how, with 21 years old and no capital, I started an Internet agency in Venezuela that grew into 20 employees and 200 clients and why I left it to fail to come to Japan.

Impact HUB Tokyo as the Official FuckUp Nights Tokyo Venue

Impact HUB Tokyo is proud to be the official venue for FuckUp Nights in Tokyo. Impact HUB Tokyo is part innovation lab, business incubator and coworking space where a community of (social) entrepreneurs gathers, connects and exchanges knowledge and ideas. As Impact HUB Tokyo, we share the vision with the global FuckUp Nights movement that the societal taboo surrounding failure needs to be broken. We host this event as a bimonthly series.

Want to know more about us? Check out our website:

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