1/26 FuckUp Nights Tokyo Vol. 9 - There is no failure except in no longer trying! 挑戦し続ける以上、失敗はあり得ない!

Thu, 26 Jan 2017 19:00 - 21:30

Impact HUB Tokyo

2-11-3 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


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FuckUp Nights Tokyo is back for Volume 9 on Thursday January 26th! Our previous volume in September was a blast so we are already excited to be inspired by the next FuckUp stories about failure and the lessons learned from them. Make sure to get your prepaid ticket for the event and save a 1000 yen! See you all in Next year!

FuckUp Nights Tokyoは2017年1月26日木曜に第9回となるイベントを開催します!前回のイベントでは登壇者から素晴らしく、励みとなった「FuckUp ストーリー」を聞かせていただき、大変盛り上がりました。今回の第9回のイベントも「FuckUpストーリー」からの価値のある学びを聞けるのを楽しみにしております。皆さん、今回も是非ご参加ください!

Speakers Wanted! 登壇者募集中!
We are looking for speakers who would like to share their stories with our audience! Do you have a project that went down south, a business deal that fell through, or any other type of story you can share with us, please join us on stage! Speaker applications can be send through the following form: Tell us your FuckUp Story!


About FuckUp Nights

FuckUp Nights is a global movement that started in Mexico in 2012 and has spread to +100 cities in more than 35 countries around the world. The concept of FuckUp Nights is simple: breaking away from the stigmas surrounding (business) ‘failure’. The lessons we can learn from failure are often more valuable and interesting than stories about success. The majority of startups and professionals don’t create ‘the project of year’ on their first attempt, yet we rarely hear about their failures in books, magazines or at events. FuckUp Nights wants to change that by organizing events where people are able to come together, network, share, learn and celebrate stories about business failure. Want to know more details? Check out our online facebook community!

FuckUp Nightsとは
FuckUp Nightsは、2012年にメキシコで始まったグローバルムーブメントです。現在は世界中35カ国、100都市以上に広がっています。FuckUp Nightsのコンセプトは、ビジネス上の「失敗」を取り巻くタブーを取り除くこと。私たちは、どんな輝かしい成功秘話よりも、生身の失敗談からの学びの方がより価値があり、役に立つものだと考えます。通常、スタートアップなどのビジネスにおいて、最初の挑戦がすぐさま優れたプロジェクトになることはなかなかありませんが、私たちが失敗について耳にすることはほとんどありません。FuckUp Nightsでは、人々が集まり、交流し、学びをシェアし、ビジネス上での失敗を価値あるものとして受け入れるようなオープンなイベントを開催していくことで、失敗を恥とするカルチャーを変えていきたいと考えています。詳細・最新情報を知りたい方は、ぜひ専用Facebookページをご覧ください!

Why join FuckUp Nights Tokyo?

We would like to invite all (aspiring) entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals who want to hear, share, discuss and celebrate stories about business failure. We offer you an opportunity to freely discuss the concept of failure, and learn from the experiences of others; all in a cozy and casual setting. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet new like-minded people and have a chance to share issues that you do usually not tend to discuss at other events.

FuckUp Nights Tokyoに参加する理由
FuckUp Nights Tokyoでは、ビジネス上での失敗談を聞くこと、議論すること、共有することに価値を感じる起業家、フリーランス、ビジネスパーソンが多く参加しています。FuckUp Nights Tokyoは、参加者同士がカジュアルで安心できる環境で、失敗にまつわるコンセプトの自由な議論や、他の人の経験からの学びを得る機会を提供します。これによって、似たような考えや価値観をもつ人々と交わる機会や、他のイベントではなかなか話せないようなトピックなども話すことができる良い機会となります。

The Fuck Up Nights Event Format

The format of every FuckUp Nights is simple: 3 or 4 people take the stage to share their FuckUp stories, followed by a Q&A, and ending with time to network. The presenters tell their story through 10 images, each projected for exactly 40 seconds. The stories are always structured in the following way:

1) What was your project?
2) What went wrong?
3) What did you learn?
4) What would you do differently?

FuckUp Nightsのイベントフォーマット
FuckUp Nightsでは、3-4人のスピーカーのストーリーシェア+Q&Aの時間と、最後にネットワークの時間があります。スピーカーは、それぞれのストーリーを40秒毎に自動的に変わる10枚のスライドショーでストーリーを話していきます。ストーリースライドは毎回以下の4つの要素で構成されます:

Speaker Profiles (TBD) スピーカーのプロフィール情報(現在調整中)
We will up date the speakers info once we confirmed!

1. Leonard Burton (レオナード・バートン氏)
UX Designer

Short Bio
Leonard is a freelance user experience (UX) designer currently working out of Tokyo. With over 10 years of experience in the web design industry (as both a designer and developer) he most recently has been focused on an iOS & web UX design project for a social startup in the UK.
In addition to this he spends a significant amount of time learning and experimenting with emerging technologies. Over the last couple of years this has most intently been with virtual reality (VR) with his main project being featured on the BBC and on Vice’s tech site Motherboard.
He loves a good challenge.

Teaser of Story
When the sparks of excitement surrounding the Oculus Rift Kickstarter ignited a renascence for virtual reality back in 2012, Leonard was hooked instantly on the prospect of the medium and the untouched challenges that awaited. In 2013 after heeding the call for a crowdsourced project to recreate podcasting in VR he soon took lead of a small team of international volunteers with the aim to evolve the concept and secure funding to become a player in the VR startup community.
This talk is a story of working on the bleeding edge of the new medium; the struggles of breaking in to the enthusiast community; and how over reaching and addressing the wrong challenges ground the project to a halt.


今回のFuckUp Nightsでは、彼がこの新しいメディアの最先端で働くなかで、熱狂者が多く集まるコミュニティに参入することの難しさや、間違った課題に目を向けることによって、プロジェクト自体が中止になってしまったことについて話します。

2. Riley Masunaga (ライリー・マスナガ氏)
Entrepreneur / Marketer

Short Bio
Born November 6, 1992, at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu Hawaii, Riley Masunaga is an entrepreneur/marketer who recently realized that his decisions to start a food truck and work primarily with early stage startups helped him build a scrappy entrepreneurial mindset and technical skills, but not a body of work he felt satisfied with.
He is currently embarking on a passion project to voluntarily create an innovative idea for a different business organization each month for a year based on Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking techniques.

Teaser of Story
Following a difficult divorce, a single mother was encouraged by her friends to pursue her dream of opening her own bakery. Although she lacked any business experience, she decided to give it a shot, and started a tiny catering business in 2010.
Since then, the catering business became a pie bakery which has grown year after year, and was rated one of the best 100 things to eat by Honolulu Magazine.
But this is not a mother’s success story.
This is a son’s story about learning about business the hard way.


今回FuckUp Nights Tokyo Vol.9で話すのはその息子がどうビジネスを苦労しながらも学んでいったのかについてのストーリーとなります。

3. Sylvain Pierre(シルバン・ピエール氏)
Founder of Officience
Co-Founder of Le Wagon Tokyo

Short bio
Originally French, Sylvain moved to Vietnam at age 23 to found and run an IT outsourcing company, Officience. The company made a switch to flat organization in 2014, and is now continuously innovating around management and communication.
After 10 years living in Vietnam, Sylvain settled in Tokyo in August 2016, where he is now running Officience Japan, and bootstrapping his new venture, Le Wagon, a coding bootcamp for creative people and non-tech entrepreneurs.

Story Teaser
What happens when you remove all the manager position in your organization and decide to implement a flat model? That's what a small group of crazy folks did at Officience, a decision that seemed obvious for them back in early 2014, but did not go without some bumps in the road.
This is before all a story of human relationships, but also of challenging the status quo, even when it goes against the most ingrained cultural behaviors.



4. Ryo Chikazawa(リョウ・チカザワ氏)
Founder of Locki, Inc

Short bio
After development of Arctic.js, an open source HTML5 game frame work as well as game that was sold no.1 in 33 countries at DeNA, he co-founded a startup as CTO with his friend. 1 year later, he left the company and entered a company in Singapore, Viki, where he took the lead on the product development related to Viki community. Then went to San Francisco to join a startup founded by Viki’s Co-founder. Once he quit his job at the former company, he is now in the phase of founding his own company, Locki, inc.

Story Teaser
Based on his experience of starting business in university, he has always wanted to start his own business again ever after he got a job from company. That was when his friend came up some idea and invited him. With investment, he co-founded his business as CTO, he ended up leaving the team after a year. What he is going to talk about is what was actually happening to him when he decided to leave the ever-wanted ‘startup life’ which had been his day dream, and of course, his takeaway. He is also going to mention what he doing right now for his 3rd startup business. He wants people who are planning to start their business sooner or later to come and listen to his stories.

DeNAにてオープンソースHTML5ゲームフレームワークArctic.jsの開発や、世界33カ国で売り上げ一位を記録したゲームの開発に携わったのち、CTOとして友人とスタートアップを共同創業。一年後同社を退社し、サンフランシスコでの就職活動を経てシンガポールのVikiに入社し、現地でViki Community関わる製品の開発をリード。その後VikiのCo-founderのスタートアップに参画するためサンフランシスコへ渡る。同社退社後アメリカにてLocki, Incを創業。


Impact HUB Tokyo as the Official FuckUp Nights Tokyo Venue

Impact HUB Tokyo is proud to be the official venue for FuckUp Nights in Tokyo. Impact HUB Tokyo is part innovation lab, business incubator and coworking space where a community of (social) entrepreneurs gathers, connects and exchanges knowledge and ideas. As Impact HUB Tokyo, we share the vision with the global FuckUp Nights movement that the societal taboo surrounding failure needs to be broken. We host this event as a bimonthly series.

Want to know more about us? Check out our website:
開催団体:Impact HUB Tokyoについて
Impact HUB Tokyoは、FuckUp Nights Tokyoの公式開催団体です。
Impact HUB Tokyoとは、イノベーションラボ、ビジネスインキュベーション、コワーキングスペースの機能を併せ持ち、起業家が集まり、つながり、知識やアイディアを共有するコミュニティスペースとなっています。Impact HUB Tokyoでは、FuckUp Nightsムーブメントが掲げる「失敗を取り巻く社会的なタブーを打ち壊す」という強いビジョンに共感し、FuckUp Nights Tokyoを隔月に一回開催しています。
Impact HUB Tokyoについてもっと知りたい方は、こちらのリンクをご覧ください:

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